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5th January 2022

The Design Conversation 2 – Aziz Kevin, Ideation, Pitching & Storytelling


Aziz Kevin Lee was the firestarter who spearheaded the Khazanah Nasional Entrepreneurial Outreach (KNEO) programme to unearth entrepreneurial talent across the country in tech, non-tech and social enterprises. He also championed Project Cornerstone, a co-investment programme where Khazanah matched every RM1 committed by co-investor(s) into pre-seed and seed stage startups and was involved in setting up three national institutions, including Think City, a community-based urban regeneration body that seeks to create more sustainable and liveable cities; the Allied Healthcare Centre of Excellence, established to upgrade specialized skills and competency of healthcare professionals in the country; and the Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science & Technology (CREST) Center, a platform that promotes collaboration amongst industry, academia and government in research, design and development activities for the E&E industry. Kevin is one of the pioneering team members who joined Khazanah Nasional when it first opened its doors in Penang, Malaysia in 2008, in line with government policy of establishing regional development corridors to drive growth.


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22nd December 2021

Equator College x Yuan Ze University –  Virtual Signing Ceremony of MOA on Academic Partnership


We are proud to announce our academic partnership with Yuan Ze University!
A Memorandum of Agreement has been signed with Yuan Ze University. The agreement is a significant milestone as together, we seek to bring our students one step closer to their dream careers by granting them the opportunities to pursue their education at quality institutions. We will continue to search, invest and provide a greater good for our future leaders in Malaysia and beyond.

22nd December 2021

The Design Conversation 2 – Curry Khoo, Monetising Your Art With NFT


Curry Khoo is a Penang-based entrepreneur and tech hippie who has spent the last decade working on building the tech ecosystem in Southeast Asia. He founded TE4P in 2012, a tech community organisation that hosts various events and programmes for entrepreneurs, startups and the ecosystem. He joined MaGIC in 2014 as a community builder based in Penang after being invited by Cheryl Yeoh, CEO of MaGIC at the time, to grow the tech ecosystem and empower local startups and entrepreneurs. In 2016, Second Startup was started as an offshoot of TE4P with a narrower focus on IOT and Hardware. Meanwhile advising two early-stage startups; Tourplus & Fatberry, he is very much into Crypto especially Web3 & NFT.


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15th December 2021

30th Convocation Ceremony & Awards Presentation as published in Kwong Wah

13th December 2021

30th Convocation Ceremony & Awards Presentation as published in Sin Chew Daily 

12th December 2021

30th Convocation Ceremony & Awards Presentation 


Congratulations to all of Class 2020 & 2021 who have successfully completed the prescribed programme of studies at Equator College.

We are proud of all your achievements and look forward to celebrating the dedication and accomplishments of yours! ?‍? ?‍?

12th December 2021

The Next Celebrity Fashion Designer 2021 


Congratulations to our students for being the TOP 5!!!?
The final runaway was held in Kuala Lumpur with the finalists showcasing their collection.
Chew Jeff Yeong
Daniel Ong Loon Tatt

9th December 2021

Spotlight 2021 published in The STAR

5th December 2021

Spotlight 2021 published in Sin Chew Daily

4th December 2021

Spotlight 2021 – Fine Art Grand Prize Winner 


Congratulation to our Fine Art student Choong Guey Syeun for winning the Grand Prize in the Annual Spotlight Competition 2021 organized by Penang Art District. Furthermore, Hia Pei Qin, a first-year in Fine Art managed to obtain a spot as the Top 20 Finalist. The Grand Prize Winner will have a solo exhibition held in 2022 to showcase more of her artwork, can’t wait for it!

10th November 2021

The Design Conversation Series 2 – Su May Cheah, Art & Design for a Greater Good


Sumay Cheah started her artistic journey by dabbling in the art of photography from a very young age and has always been drawn to the play between light and shadow; a signature style seen in most of her creations. As years went by, there was the desire to transcend deeper impact into the world, to weave in more of her personal beliefs into her work, and pay homage to her peranakan heritage. She has also always found immersive art to be wondrous and wanted to bring her audiences that were usually in front of the lens, behind. So here then on, she was set on creating immersive art experiences in many forms that would take her audiences on a journey. OtherHalf Studio was thus born, a partnership between two classmates from high school with a vision to transport audiences to an immersive space, suspended in time. Experiencing OtherHalf’s work is reminiscent of a dreamy and surreal experience. OtherHalf art installations have always been all about inclusivity; always kids and family-friendly, disability-inclusive, and a space where you can truly enjoy and appreciate art single-mindedly without the distraction of the outside world. It is a multi-sensorial art experience like no other.


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27th October 2021

The Design Conversation Series 2 – Ah Guan, From 2D to 3D


Gan Chuen Guan a.k.a Ah Guan born in Malaysia as Messy Desk studio founder. In 2009, he start working as an animation background, visual development, and illustration. His artwork was inspired by animation and stop motion animation, he start paper sculpture on his own design in 2015 and created a Fb Page to start commissioning sculpting work in 2016.


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13th October 2021

The Design Conversation 2 – Roy Neoh, Artisan to Artisan


Mr Roy Neoh, aged 32 years is the founder and CEO of Artisan Creative Group. Holds a Degree in communication school, Australia. Experienced in film making and directing, and master of ceremony (MC) in Malaysia and China. Published in “Most Successful People in Malaysia” by Britishpedia and British Library. Iconic personality in the pastry and bakery training industry with extensive interview coverages by TV station, radio stations and major news media. Roy is a go-getter and goal-getter. He also has strong entrepreneurship acumen, unrivaled passion and deep commitment in the pursuit of excellence and success. Roy believes in great teamwork and staff ownership as motivation to chart new frontiers.


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12th October 2021

International Student Competition In Architectural Design And Construction Of Bamboo 2021


Congratulation to our Batch 184 Diploma in Architectural Technology graduates and lecturer for winning the Honourable Mention category with their work titled “The Cove” in the Malaysian Architecture Bamboo Competition 2021 which was participated by architectural institutions throughout Malaysia.

The competition is aimed to encourage students and lecturer or supervisor team to experience designing real construction rather than just the usual computer modeling and simulation. For selected winners, they got to construct the structure on site. However, due to the current travel restrictions, the team will supervise (remotely) the construction of their design on the actual site by contractors appointed by the organizers.

22nd September 2021

The Design Conversation 2 – Quiccs Maiquez, My Toy Story


Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Juanito Alfonso Maiquez or better known as “Quiccs” is a talent who because of his burning passion, evolved and introduced an uncommon platform to showcase himself. During his early years, Quiccs, like any artist, joined competitions in order to hone his skills. When he was young, he started with oil painting. Because of the changing times as he grew up, he shifted to digital art, in which he found his professional career as a graphic artist for a design firm which he now co-owns. But moreover, Quiccs introduced himself to the art industry particularly as he immersed himself in the urban art scene. With the influences and culture he was accustomed to, Quiccs deemed himself fit to contribute to this community through graffiti art. Quiccs remains true to his core values, his beliefs as an artist and the passions he grew up with. And while adhering to all these, Quiccs proudly boasts of his Filipino pride as an artist and takes it with him wherever he goes around the world, spreading his unique and loved art.


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17th September 2021

arC Issue #4 – THE PASSAGE by Fahmi Arfa


Fahmi Arfa designed “THE PASSAGE” as a community centric. The Passage community centric is a building that embraces modularity, sustainability and relation to the site context. His design aims to serve the surrounding community in that area.


To read more swipe to page 64-65 at ⤵️

8th September 2021

The Design Conversation 2 – AH-B, Little Good Thing


AH-B is a Character & Toy Designer who establish Little Good Thing in 2012. The brand was created to convey more messages and positive energy through illustration, toys, and character creation. He started to create his own character as a toy after contact with designer toys.
Little Good Thing is about turning some fun ideas and characters into toys, where people can share the joy and fun through his toys. At the same time, Little Good Thing is also participating in customization work with other toy designers around the world. His wood-style customs toy is one of his amazing customizations. He also did a lot of collaboration between the designer brands of Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia & Japan.


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26th August 2021

The Design Conversation Series – The Story of AHBOY


In year 2011 and 2012, Jefferson Ng from Sabah, Malaysia, created character based brand – AHBOY and visual art based brand – Jeffersonism. In the following year 2013, He established JNJF DESIGN. He is currently practicing as artist and passionate about rock climbing. AHBOY (A Humorous Boy) is actually talking about a little boy growing up lack of self-confidence due to his mole at the corner of his mouth. He felt that he is abnormal which leads him avoiding being at crowded place. He has to disguise himself whenever he goes out. One day, he met many people with mole at the corner of their mouth just like him. He realises that it is normal & slowly regain his self-confidence. From then on, he gets to know more friends. However, he will still disguise himself and let his friends to spot him. With his trademark mole & cheekiness, it is not challenging at all to spot him when he is in disguise.


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20th August 2021

Batch 188 Graduation Showcase: Reap What One Sows


With the theme ‘Reap What One Sows’, students of Batch 188 graduated with an exclusive online walk-through exhibition that will memorialize their work. The showcase will feature various artwork and products made by the students ranging in the field of graphic design, 3D Animation, fine art, interior, and fashion.


The virtual showcase can be viewed here ⬇️

9th August 2021

The Design Conversation Series – The Inside of Visual & Effects


Terence is a CGi Artist, currently a lookdev/vfx supervisor at FlyStudio, Petaling Jaya. His main talent is focusing on lighting and compositing areas of work. Terence always strives to deliver the best possible result from on-screen results to the technicality of things behind the screen.
Beginning his career in 2005, Terence started from working for TV commercials VFX, includes advertisements for Celcom, Axiata, Petronas. In 2014 with the experience gathered throughout the years, he ventured into VFX production for feature films and TV. His main role is to plan VFX shots with production, supervising the production to post-production to ensure expectations are met.
Terence’s hard skills cover from lighting and rendering to special effects rendering. His main tools are Houdini and Maya.


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31st July 2021

Living The Dream: School of Fashion Virtual Event


诚意的邀请你参与由Equator College主办的服装设计线上直播分享会
主题:Living The Dream | 实现梦想
时间:7月31日 │ 星期六 (晚上八点)
? 精彩内容也将在当晚呈现?
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ 设计师该具备的条件
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ 服装设计的未来趋势
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ 时尚行业的就业机会

22nd July 2021

The Design Conversation Series – Design Thinking in Branding


An Industrial Designer by qualification, (Bachelor of Design – UiTM) Asri Ahmad began his career circa 1981 in one of the earliest design consultancies in Malaysia, Johan Design Associates Kuala Lumpur. In 1992 he was offered by Bates Advertising Malaysia to lead Art & Magic, (a design subsidiary) upon which he served as Creative Director for about 10 years. He later co founded Fif Designs KL prior to which he had set up other smaller design shops like Designwise, Imaginique etc to name a few.
In 2003 he co founded Mulia Events, (an event consultancy) serving clients like DiGi, Celcom & Astro. Concurrently a year later he partnered with an IT Engineer to form Ridaa Associates Sdn Bhd handling IT related product design and services.
His experience spanning almost 4 decades of a multi-design practices, extends across the core disciplines of Branding and Design namely, naming & identity, brand communication, packaging, interface design, environment & exhibition, way finding, event, creative content, activation and strategic brand consultancy.
Asri is also the founding member of wREGA (Graphic Design Association of Malaysia) and is a regular Curriculum syllabus reviewer, Industry Advisor, external assessor, guest speaker for various universities namely UM, MMU, USM, Taylors, Sunway, UiTM, First City, KDU, USIM, UNISEL, UniTAR.
Asri has also been invited to judge and conduct workshops for various organisations namely MRM, MOSTI, Bio Tech, SME, FRIM, KBNet, SAY, DPM, MAGiC, NGO Hub, UTUSAN, Japan Foundation, Antalis etc.
In late 2015 Asri co founded rekanegara a non profit CSR effort initiated by his current strategic brand consultancy firm Rifaie, Chua & Sethi where he is the current partner and Design Consultant.


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8th July 2021

The Design Conversation Series – Creating Impact With Design


Nicolas is a French art director, designer, and founding partner of KUOZ design studio, Bangkok. With an international design career spanning more than 15 years, he is known for his passion to give brands strong personalities whatever the channel. From brand identity and digital design work to packaging, editorial, and even motion graphics; Nicolas always creates effective design solutions to make a lasting impact. Since 2002, Nicolas has been working for many brands and institutions, including the World Bank, United Nations, Red Cross, MTV, Yellow Pages, and Accor Hotels. His work has been published in several design magazines and on websites. He is also a co-founder of the BUKRUK Festival, an international urban arts event held in Bangkok


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7th July 2021

Georgetown Heritage Day: Fund Raising by SRC 


Welcome Equatorians to the 2021 GeorgeTown Heritage Day!
We hope to see your creativity sparkle in this charity event! The e-postcards were designed by students from Equator College. All proceeds from the sale of these e-postcards are donated to the Penang Heritage Trust!

3rd & 4th July 2021

Virtual Open Day by Equator College


Ever wondered who are our educators? Well, wait no longer! You can speak with our lecturers face to face in your preferred choice of industry. Find out more about what drives the industry and what makes the program unique to fresh graduates and future employers alike!

3rd & 4th July 2021

Virtual Open Day by Equator College


Look at our exciting line-up! We have our lecturers and professionals from the creative industries to share their ideas on creativity, trend and all your journey in a industry with multiple pathways to choose from.

3rd & 4th July 2021

Virtual Open Day by Equator College


Unable to drop by our college for an enquiry? Fret not, you are invited to join our Virtual Open Day! Learn more about our programmes with our lecturers and professionals from the creative industries. There is also a Live Demo too!

30th June 2021

RELAX Design Competition


With the theme ” In Love with Endangered Species”, RELAX is organizing a water bottle design competition, and our students,
Teoh Jia Qian & Ooi Soon Wei were crowned winners in the competition.

24th June 2021

The Design Conversation Series – The CutOut for Design 


With a passion for graphic design and teaching, Jay Lim later found himself gradually falling in love with magazine design. Hence with his own design ability, Malaysia’s first design magazine, CUTOUT MAGAZINE was born.
He co-founded TSUBAKI and led the team to win some international awards such as TOPAWARDS from Japan, Taiwan Golden Pin design award -Best of the Best, Germany Red dot design award, Hong Kong DFA, HKDA global design award, as well as a few awards from Italy, China & United States.
He is often invited to various international design events as a speaker and judge, 4 years ago he spoke at TEDx Talk PenangRoad. Currently, he serves as a visiting professor at Taiwan Kunshan University & Macao University of Science Technology.


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11th June 2021

August Intake 2021 Is Officially Open!


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Let’s get ready for your future with Equator!
New intake for ?????? ???? is opened for registration now!
?????? ??? ?? ??????? ???? ????? !!???? ???? ?????
Contact us: 04 – 228 1315 (Leith Street)
WhatsApp: 016-4880415

10th June 2021

The Design Conversation Series – The World of Realism


Sharon has created and produced various coloured pencil artworks since 2013. Her style of art gravitates towards Realism where she pays utmost attention to details, values and nuances. She uses common, ordinary subjects to metaphorically create a visual understanding of logic and emotions that are integrated into the fabric of human lives.
She strongly believes that what set an artist apart from one another, is the consistency of staying true to their own artistic voice. This is also the ability to express their vision and thoughts authentically regardless of genre, style and medium.
Sharon is a Signature Member of the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA). Her artworks have been featured and published in several international publications and has exhibited both locally and internationally.


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2th June 2021

Virtual Counselling


I believe you are aware that our country is now undergoing the FMCO period.
You might be wondering how are you going to get more information about the courses that you are interested to further your studies.
Virtual Counselling is the answer! Our virtual counselling is available since first MCO. You can find out more about the course details and also get to view our students’ artworks during the session.


Contact us now to make an appointment for upcoming intake information!

Our counsellors:

Ms Shiang Chuin


???? ???? ???? ???? ?? ????? !!

Have a nice day ahead and we hope to hear from you soon ?
Stay home ? Stay Safe ?

29th May 2021

Be A Designer

Foundation + Degree Programme 


Now, we are also offering Bachelor of Science in Architecture (Honours).
This is a 3-years LAM (Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia) approved program!
Visit us to find out more about the study pathway at ?Leith Street Campus?
Give us a call ~
☎ Leith Street: 04-261 5116

29th May 2021

2021 Virtual Teacher’s Day by SRC


In conjunction with Teacher’s Day, the Student Representative Council organized a virtual day event to celebrate and show the student’s appreciation towards the teachers in Equator College. The event was held on 29th May 2021 attended by most of the lecturers accompanied by their families as well.
Happy Teacher’s Day to all the role models!

21st & 22nd May 2021

2021 Hari Raya Virtual Workshop by SRC 


The Virtual Workshop was organized for Equator College Students in conjunction with Hari Raya 2021
Students choose can join either one or both workshops to learn about Hari Raya culture. 

20th May 2021

The Design Conversation Series – Crafting Brand Identity


Jun is the founder of Noon Design. Noon is a design studio that specialized in crafting a brand identity for city makers and placemakers. He also started a passion project in 2020 during the pandemic crisis named Story by Noon. It is a curation project which aims to discover 500 local City Makers in Malaysia.
He writes occasionally. Plus lecturing on the side.


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11th May 2021

Virtual Masterclass with Kiki Poh from PIXAR Animation Studios


The Virtual Masterclass in conjunction with the release of the latest animated film LUCA with Kiki Poh, Character Shading and Grooming Artist/Lead from Pixar Studio.

6th May 2021

The Design Conversation Series – Humanity & Film


An art film director & filmmaker who places “the celebration of life & humanity” at the core of his film projects. Kern Wei’s style of visual storytelling is influenced by his love of short-form documentaries, travel art films & Thai commercials. He often creates art & travel films along side world-renowned street artist Kenji Chai as he travels and create art pieces related to the place he is in. Many of his recent work & collaboration includes Time Magazine & Nespresso with world-renowned contemporary artist Red Hong Yi, VW Malaysia, BMW with content creator SoImJenn, Netflix & Gucci.


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29th April 2021

The Design Conversation Series – Creating New Ideas


Mclelun is one of those rare creatures hovering on the brink of extinction and near-fantasy in the world of programming.
A hybrid designer/programmer from Malaysia, who also happens to be color-blind. In his time, he enjoys doodling, creating new characters, painting landscape art, and experimenting with a variety of softwares. His idea and stories are often inspired from his daily life experience.
His design work has been showcased in local events as well as international publications.


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29th April 2021

May Intake is Open!


Want to become a designer?

Our May 2021 intake is open for registration!

Do not hesitate to contact us as we are ready to assist you in finding the right pathway.
Make your appointment today or have a chat with us:
Give us a call ~
☎ Leith Street: 04-261 5116

20th April 2021

arC Issue #2 – Seed of Burmah by Admund Chang


Thank you arC Issue #2 for featuring our student Admund Chang ? ? and his design titled the ‘THE SEED OF BURMAH’. He aims to serve the Burma Road community as a place for them to gather. ‘THE SEED’, appeals to the common age group of children, adults, and elderly people.
To read more swipe to page 40-41 ⤵️

20th April 2021

2021 Intake – Foundation & Degree in Architecture


Calling for SPM Leavers!
Join this study pathway to get your Architecture Degree (LAM Approved)
Want to know more?
Contact us today ~
✔️ Call us on 04 – 2615116
✔️ WhatsApp us at

15th April 2021

The Design Conversation Series – Living With Paint


Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Cloakwork is a multidisciplinary creative who works as a graffiti artist as well as an illustrator. With the style of quirkiness, fun and colourful elements, he has been painting around the globe for 10 years. Being a rebel, picking up spray cans as his creative weapon was the right choice as he is heavily influenced by street culture.


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10th April 2021

Non-Woven Bag Design Contest  by Asia Young Designer Awards – Malaysia


Congratulations to our Graphic & Multimedia Design programme final year student Jean Heng Si Qi, who was announced as the Grand Prize winner of the Non-Woven Bag Design contest by Asia Young Designer Awards! First year student Tan Min Jie from our Fashion Design programme also secured a spot as a finalist. Kudos, you make us proud!

2nd April 2021

Batch 184 Limitless Graduation Showcase


With the theme ‘Limitless’, Batch 184 students graduated with an exclusive online exhibition that will memorialize their work. The showcase will feature various artwork and products made by the students ranging in the field of graphic design, fine art, architecture, interior, building design and fashion.

The opening ceremony will be held virtual via Facebook Live on 2 April at 10am. You can view the opening ceremony here ⬇️

The showcase will be open to public on Behance ⬇️

1st April 2021

The Design Conversation Series – Comic To Toy


Michael Chuah a.k.a. C2V plays his role as a character designer and comic book artist. His comic serials “Gengkey” is the first comic in Malaysia to create a vinyl figure. Currently he is focused on his designer toy making, some of his notable toy creations are Mr.Pao & Pan (Office Survival), Teddybee and Ruff (The Never Ending Tales), Tun M & Yuurei Neko Sama.


1st April 2021

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2oth February 2021

2021 CNY Competition by SRC 


Angpow Lantern Competition:
Participants are allowed to create any size, shape, or colour of the lantern. The only rule is the lantern must be made using angpows.

CNY Photoshoot Competition:
This is a 2021 Chinese New Year Theme Photoshoot Competition. Participants are allowed to use a phone or camera, but the size of the photo must be in the square. 20% of the editing is allowed as well.

04/2/2021 – 10/2/2021: Registration
11/2/2021 – 15/2/2021: Submission of Photos
15/2/2021 – 18/2/2021: Get your LIKES!
20/2/2021: Announcement of Winners

31st December 2020

The Design Conversation Series – The World of Art Toys III


From handcrafted to vinyl to designer toys, hear what TEK, Odd Critters Studio and Kebuff has to say about their journey as a toy designers in Malaysia.


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24th December 2020

The Design Conversation Series – The World of Art Toys II


Toys: to embrace the lifestyle in a form of collectibles. Each in its own unique self. Jayee and Ren Oodplex shares about what inspires them to be a toy designer.


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17th December 2020

The Design Conversation Series – The World of Art Toys


In the world of entertainment, toys are highly sought after as gifts, props & collectibles. This week, we have Hadztoyz, Biubiu Arts, Vomit Thunder & Arifin Amin to share with us their story in the arts of the toy industry.


P.S. #ECDC series can be found on our Youtube Channel

10th December 2020

The Design Conversation Series – The Art of the Collectibles


With their love & passion for art & toys, Hector Lim & Edward Low will show us how to get in the games as the industry is flourishing in The Art of the Collectibles.


Psst. Missed out? #ECDC series can be found on our Youtube Channel

3rd December 2020

The Charm: Art Exhibition


The fine art department once again will showcase an art exhibition with the theme “The Charm” and the details are as the following:

Date: 03rd – 15th December 2020
Time: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Venue: Lunabar Coffee, 10D Jalan Clove Hall (Close on Wednesdays)

Drop by and Be Charm-ed by the artists and their artwork.

3rd December 2020

The Design Conversation Series – Paid To Play


Ethan Tang, Aaron Leow & Jang will share with us how they found their true calling in the industry. Each with their own platform that all Collectors, Artists & Designers will think alike.


P.S. #ECDC series can be found on our Youtube Channel

19th November 2020

The Design Conversation Series – Fusion Wayang Kulit


Tintoy Chuo, a multimedia design graduate from Malaysia, founder and creative lead for FWK who uncovered his true passion in character creation, where he has created character for KFC Malaysia, Astro XTY channel, Channel-V Hong Kong, GamePox Sweden & many others.


P.S. #ECDC series can be found on our Youtube Channel

13th November 2020

HP x Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Digital 2020


Around of applause to our students for being the TOP 10!!!?
Congratulations on being chosen to join the virtual mentorship program
Witness our student’s design on Youtube~
Loh Jing Heng, Tan Li Yu, Muhammad Aizril Bin Rahmat

10th November 2020

Reality Fantasy Model Making Competition 


Congratulations to our alumni Hector Lim in winning First Prize for Reality Fantasy Model Making Competition at the Taiwan 33th Petit Fancy Exhibition! Hector is one of the most celebrated artists in the art toy industry.

5th November 2020

The Design Conversation Series 

Design In Motion


Lim Ee-Wei is the founder of Hatchtag – a gentle, sensitive, and patient animated motion graphic designer with great charisma, Ee-Wei leads the team with his soft touches and delicate presentations from start till the end.


Missed out? #ECDC series can be found on our Youtube Channel


29th October 2020

KOLAM Project 


In the upcoming festival, our students prepared a KOLAM to celebrate Deepavali at Gurney Paragon. Kudos to our students on the project well done.

25th October 2020

MyTIGER Values 2020


The 2020 edition of Maybank MyTIGER Values Art Competition provided a unique experience for the jury. With the lockdown
on movement imposed on the country from March to June due to the COVID19 pandemic, nearly all manner of human activity including art was disrupted. Nevertheless, the tour to the participating colleges and universities still went on during the competition period (February to June), even though it eventually had to go online and be done via virtual conferencing.
A heartfelt congratulations to our student Loh Jye Jiun; 2nd Prize winner for the Illustration Category!

22nd October 2020

The Design Conversation Series – Designing Dream Home


An interior designer who’s also a musician. A host with an ongoing channel that holds interview sessions with professional musicians from all over the world. Hear what our artist has to say about the creative industry.

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12th October 2020

Diploma in Business Studies


?New Programme Alert!?
Diploma in Business Studies now offered in Equator College.

Find out more with us today~

We are still available online.

8th October 2020

The Design Conversation Series – The Art of Attraction


When you have an imaginative mind, it manifests itself in many ways. Hear how our mural artists, Mr Bibichun, Mr Kenji Chai & Mr Vincent Phang share about their journey in the art of attraction.

P.S. #ECDC series can be found on our Youtube Channel

24th September 2020

The Design Conversation Series – Furniture And Space Design


Ever wonder how a designer determines a material and the technical aspects of a design and production. Mr Goh and Dr Alia will share how furniture and space design can enhance and influence an environment.

P.S. #ECDC series can be found on our Youtube Channel

16th September 2020

Tropikal Avant – Dark: Contemporary Art Exhibition


Our very own Mr Ricardo will be having an art exhibition with the theme “Tropikal Avant – Dark” and the details are as the following:

Date: 19th August 2020 to 16th September 2020
Time: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Venue: Lunabar Coffee, 10D Jalan Clove Hall (Close on Wednesdays)

All are welcome to visit and to be captivated by the mediums of contemporary art.

10th September 2020

The Design Conversation Series – Fashion Business & Education


Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. In this session, Ms Helen and Ms Joo Lee will share how fashion thrives in both business and education.

P.S. #ECDC series can be found on our Youtube Channel

27th August 2020

The Design Conversation Series – Adventure in The Park


Diminishing the myth of art pathway. Mr Ivan is an alumni of Equator College majoring in Fine Art. He is involved in show set and theme facade work for the theme park and has been working in the theme park industry since 2005.

P.S. #ECDC series can be found on our Youtube Channel

20th August 2020

The Design Conversation Series – Creative Entrepreneur 


Join us on #designconversation with Mr. Clarence and Mr. Goh on their journey towards entrepreneur coming Thursday. Raising millions in nurturing the future of creative businesses in this era of evolution.

P.S. #ECDC series can be found on our Youtube Channel

13th August 2020

The Design Conversation Series – Photography to Filmmaking


Next Up we have Mr. David Thian; a photographer, designer, film director and a producer. Coming THURSDAY Night, 8:00pm by Equator College.

P.S. #ECDC series can be found on our Youtube Channel

6th August 2020

The Design Conversation Series – Future of Comic


Have you ever wondered how the design industry is doing? What about the future of Comics? Is there a possibility of survival especially the ups and downs happening in our year 2020?

P.S. #ECDC series can be found on our Youtube Channel

5th August 2020

August Intake Open for Registration


Keen in pursuing a career in design but are uncertain about the possibilities that it can offer?

Fret not. Our August Intake is still open!

Chat with us! Let us guide you to your passion
We are still available online.

23th July 2020

Heritage in Style Exhibition


The fine art department will be having an art exhibition with the theme “Heritage in Style” and the details are as the following:

Date: 23th July to 12nd August 2020
Time: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Venue: Lunabar Coffee, 10D Jalan Clove Hall (Close on Wednesdays)

The young art exhibition will focus on the culture of different heritage as seen by the artists’ eyes.

All are welcome to visit and to be captivated with the heritage and culture in art.

1 June 2020
June Intake Open for Registration 


We have great news just for you. Equator has decided to launch a soft intake this 1st of June 2020.

Take this opportunity to enhance  some technical skills for your coming future.

Don’t let the Covid19 hurdle affect your motivation to learn.

Online Registration is now possible – Chat with us today!

Find Out More with Us. We are still available online.

15 May 2020

Get a prestigious Degree in Architecture


It’s Official! Equator has launched it’s offshore degree program in Bachelor of Science (Hons) Architecture.

Students will study full-time at Equator’s city campus in George Town, Penang, and enjoy all the privileges of being a USM student – including uses of facilities, healthcare and insurance.

Application Is Open Now from 15th May – 30th September 2020.

Find Out More with Us – We can be reached through Whatsapp, Messenger and Call

8 May 2020

GOOD NEWS! We Are Back In Operation


Dear all,
We are glad to announce that Equator College resumes campus operation on 8th May 2020.

Services that are available in campus during this period includes Registry, Finance, Student affair, Course counselling, Academic matters, and Administrative.
Online course counselling is still on-going. You still can reach us via phone call, WhatsApp, Wechat, Messenger, email for course-related information. Walk-in visits prior to appointment are highly encouraged.

19 March 2020



Our intake enrolment is still in progress! Do approach our Online Counsellors for assistance on how to enrol yourself for our coming up April Intake that will be commencing on the 20th of April 2020.

18-31 March 2020
Our Counselling Goes Online


Equator is now providing counselling service digitally! Do contact us through any social media platform or give us a call @ 04-261 5116. We are still available online.

17 March 2020

Movement Control Orders


Dear all,
Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and following the announcement by the Prime Minister on 16 March 2020, for the safety and well-being of our students and staff, we will be adhering strictly to the Movement Control Orders starting from 18 March 2020 – 31 March 2020.

18 March 2020
Batch 173 Departure Graduation Showcase


Batch 173 students are graduating with an exclusive exhibition with the theme ‘Departure’. It describes the end of a journey and the beginning of another representing a group of designers who have completed the pursuit of their programmes. The showcase will feature various artwork and products made by the students ranging in the field of graphic design, fine art, architecture, interior, and fashion.

The opening ceremony will be held at Lot 33 Convention Hall on 27 March at 11am and the showcase will be open to the public until the 29 March 2020. Admission is free!

Update: Due to the Covid-19 Outbreak, the showcase will be postponed to 21-23 April 2020.

08 March 2020

International Women’s Day 2020


The International Women’s Day pageantry was held in 1st Avenue on the 8th of March. June Chong was awarded the title of Brand Ambassador for her contributions in the pageantry. Her attire was also prepared by Fashion Designer Mukrawee Lee.

07 Feb 2020

Art Exhibition FLUX by Yap Ley Min


FLUX Art Exhibition launch was held on 7 February 2020 at G Art Gallery, G Hotel. The artist Yap Ley Min showcased the beauty of natural morphology and the various emotions portrayed by humankind in the exhibition.  Present at the ceremony were the hotel’s General Manager Michael Hanratty and heads of department.

09 Jan 2020
Signing of MOA with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) BFA (Hons) Graphic Communication


Equator College had a signing ceremony with USM to officially launch the offshore degree programme in Bachelor of Fine Art (Hons) Graphic Communication. Also present are Dato Chuah, Chairman of Equator College, Dr Yap Principal of Equator College and Dean of School of The Arts.

28 Dec 2019

Lampu Projection Mapping Competition 2019


Projection mapping on the Palace of Justice during the Light and Motion Putrajaya event on the last night of 2019, our team of four manage to swept the 2nd Runner Up as a good end for the year 2019!

A round of applause to: Lim Hui Chyi, Ternia Choong, Sim Kay Yang and Jason Chuah.

07 Dec 2019

Penang Goes Orange 2019


Equator College supported Penang Goes Orange 2019 in December whereby the volunteers and participants will go through a series of games to understand and raise awareness on sexual abuse in Penang.

01 Dec 2019
TRIO Art Exhibition 2019


Another round of Art Exhibition presented by our Fine Art Alumnae Artists June Chong & Yap Ley Min!

30 Nov 2019

Equator College 29th Convocation Ceremony


Convocation marks the completion of study and the beginning of a new chapter in life, the graduating batch of 163 & 168 are ready to take on the world of design at a time.

27 Nov 2019

EQUATOR-USM (School of The Arts) Meeting


Representatives from Equator College meet up with USM (School of Art) for USM offshore degree programme discussion.


The meeting took place at the discussion room with the management team from the school of art and representative from Equator College, namely Dr Yap, Principal; Ms Tan, Director of Institutional Development and Mr Sunny Koh, Dean of Studies.

23 Nov 2019

Industry Advisor Board Meeting


The role of the Industry Advisor Board in meeting to assist and advise the programmes in its efforts to achieve excellence in all the course through their following subjects and assignments.

17 Nov 2019

Spotlight Awards 2019


Fine Art Alumni Ho Su San won the Jury’s Choice Award in the annual Spotlight by Penang Art District with the awards presented to 5 out of the 20 top finalist during the awards presentation.

13 Nov 2019

External Assessor Meeting


Assessor evaluation meeting for quality and standards of excellence in our Equator College programmes.

01 Nov 2019

Usaha Tegas Heritage Awards 2019


In the Usaha Tegas Heritage 2019, Lim Ming Jie and Nicholas Ong outdone themselves with their artworks entitled ‘Antique Shop Interior’ and ‘Khoo Kongsi’. Both touches on the beauty of the heritage and culture in Penang highlighting the charming elements of each history.

26 Oct 2019

UOB Art Competition Awards Ceremony at UOB Bangsar South published in Kwong Wah Jit Poh

25 Oct 2019

UOB Art Competition Awards Ceremony published in Sin Chew Jit Poh

16 Oct 2019

UOB Painting of the Year 2019 Awards (UOB Bangsar South)


The UOB Painting of the Year is a prestigious award held yearly in Southeast Asia; Fine Art  alumni Ho Su San and Wong Joo Yee made us proud by winning the Gold and Silver Award respectively in the Emerging Artist Category in the UOB Art Competition 2019. The award ceremony was held at UOB Bangsar South on 16/10/2019 with many other award winners.

27 Aug 2019

Batch 168 Graduation Showcase Opening published in Kwong Wah Jit Poh

24 Aug 2019

Batch 168 Graduation Showcase published in Sin Chew Jit Poh

23 Aug 2019

168 Graduation Showcase


Equator College had their biannual graduation showcase organized by the graduating batch of 168. This showcase highlights on the graduating students’ work, portray their skills and portfolios relating to their field of study. Batch 168 focuses on simplicity of design where their showcase touches on the simple arrangements and complexity of each individual.

18 Aug 2019

Mrs Celebrity Malaysia 2019


This year, Fashion Design Technology students had the opportunity to showcase their work at Mrs Celebrity Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The event was graced with many of our talented student’s work and they were accompanied by Fashion Lecturers, Ms. Joo Lee and Mr. Teo. Furthermore, Alumni Ong Hean Choon won the Best Evening Wear Category whereas current student Loh Jing Heng outdone himself in the Ready to Wear Category.

19-31 July 2019

The Last Puff Exhibition


An art exhibition showcasing our fine art students artwork with the theme “The Last Puff”. The student’s work consists of various medium such as oil painting and mixed media portraying various work relating to human emotions held at Narrow Marrow.

07 July 2019

Sin Chew 90th Anniversary Entrepreneur Awards 2019


Another recognition and encouragement was received by Dato’ Chuah Kooi Yong, CEO of Equator College as one of the Malaysia’s eminent Entrepreneurs.

08 July 2019

Equator College Alumni Gathering published in Kwong Wah Jit Poh

30 June 2019

Penfurnex Furniture Design Competition 2019


Coming in as the Top 20 finalists; Wan Hue Qi’s competency has qualify her as the Runner Up Winner for her minimalist concept of sustainability. Not forgetting our 4 Interior Design students namely Ivy Tan Xin Tian, Liew Kai Ming, Tan Jia Yi and Thong Soon Wei making it to the list with their respective designs.

26 April 2019

MQA Audit for MarComm


The Malaysian Qualifications Agency audit accreditation renewal of our business course in Marketing Communication.

Thus, the course attained the quality standards and criteria set by MQA and is in compliance with the MQF.

23 April 2019

MOU of Early Childhood Program


Equator College received the MOU recognition for the upcoming early childhood program. The program aims to provide students with the understanding and skills in early childhood.

24 Mar 2019

Aurora Graduation Showcase published in Kwong Wah Jit Poh

22 Mar 2019

Aurora Graduation Showcase


The biannual graduation showcase in April organized by the graduating batch of 163.

This showcase was graced by YB Teh Lai Heng and it highlights on the graduating students’ portfolio and opens the opportunity for students to expand their network and build strong relations in their field of expertise.

18 Mar 2019

Introducing New Degree Principal Dr Michael Yap published in Kwong Wah Yit Poh

16-17 Mar 2019

Star Education Fair


Our College provided students and parents with a first hand exposure on design with our Virtual Reality drawing, Sketching Demo and Fashion Showcase.

15 Mar 2019

Feature on Diploma in CADD published in The Star

12 Feb 2019

USM HBP Meeting Degree Status


Representatives from Equator College meeting up with the team from USM of Housing, Building and Planning for final confirmation on certain aspects of the Architecture Degree programme.

02 Feb 2019

PAD Solo Exhibition Opening


Spotlight 2018 Competition Winner Yap Ley Min (Fine Art Alumni) had her first solo exhibition at Hin Bus Depot in 2019. The theme of her exhibition is the Natural Human Form with her winning artwork as a part of a series. The showcase portrays Ley Min’s perspective of  human interactions when they are in their most natural form.

29 Jan 2019

MQA Audit for MarComm


The visit from Jabatan Pendidikan Tinggi (JPT) provided us with the accreditation for upholding the quality and excellence of Equator College being in line with the standards set by JPT.

01 Dec 2018

Usaha Tegas Heritage National Art Competition 2018


Khoo Ka Leong triumph in as a 3rd Prize winner and Enson Teh Jun Yang, Consolation Prize respectively in the Printmaking Category at the Usaha Tegas Heritage National Art Competition 2018.

29 Nov 2018

In the Realm of Sin and Despair Exhibition


A collective effort by 5 aspiring fine art students Goh Sheng Jie, Stefanie Subczinski, Teh Jun Yang, Ong Wei Xuan and Ryosuke Sakamoto, showcasing an exhibition on the exploration of human nature.

03 Nov 2018

Spotlight Top 20 Finalist


The four outstanding Equator students who made us proud by making it into the Top 20 Finalist of Spotlight 2018 namely:

Goh Sheng Jie, Yap Ley Min, Ong Wei Xuan & Teh Jun Yang.

18 Oct 2018

Designer Of The Year Awards 2018


Interior Design Alumni Mr. Simon Yew achieved the “Best Designer of the Year” award while Ms. Cherry Yeoh swept the “Rising Star Award” at the 2018 (DOTY) Designer of the Year Awards in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

17-21 Oct 2018

The 13th PAM (Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia) Annual Architecture Student Works Exhibition 2018


Architecture student Henry Lim Kang Yi, was awarded the Certificate of Excellence as the PAM Best Student Award 2018.

18 Sept 2018

The Most Promising Designer Awards of Borneo Fashion Week 2018


ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase alumnus Micheal Ooi wins “The Most Promising Designer Awards of Borneo Fashion Week 2018” and a full degree scholarship in that eventful night of celebration.

12 Sept 2018

Petron Vision 2018


Students Chua Sun Ru, Ooi Zhi Keng & Izzati Soffian took home the Consolation Prize in the videography category with their video titled “Malaysian, Am I?”


24-26 Aug 2018

You-Nique Graduation Showcase


To be unique is to become incomparable, one of a kind, unlike anything else. Witness the journey of batch 158 as strive to separate themselves as an artist in their own unique creativity and unique style.

24 Aug 2018

Nando’s 2018 YouthReka Art Competition


Fine Art student Ms. Wong Joo Yee attained Consolation Prize under the Fine Art Category with her artwork entitled “Nostalgia” in Nando’s 2018 YouthReka Art Competition.