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Art Quack is represented by the transformation of an ‘ugly duckling’: a growing process. It encompasses all of us who started from the very beginning without any knowledge or experience, who later grew into skilled, talented individuals within three years. Having stepped into a world of art and design, we have developed our skills and knowledge, gaining much experience and becoming the best that we can be.
‘Quack’ is a sound made by a duck. We use it to symbolize a strong impact, like an earthquake, that brings great influence to the world of design. The indestructible impact is the soul of our entire class: the batch 148 students. Therefore, it can never be broken.


Let us reveal our significance and be proud of who we are!

Message from the President of 148


It is an honor to be given the opportunity to represent my fellow graduates from the Art Quack Graduation Showcase. To begin, I would like to congratulate all students from batch 148 for graduating from Equator College.



Throughout our three years of study, we have learned and completed various tasks assigned by our lecturers. We have gained precious knowledge of design, as well as the ability to use this knowledge to achieve our dreams and ambition, but perhaps more importantly, we have also made a lot of friends during our time here. While we may come from different places, races, and backgrounds, we still stick together like family to overcome the challenges that we encounter. Our lecturers, on the other hand, are like the glue that holds us together. They are always there for us to support us and inspire us, and without their careful and patient guidance, we would not be where we are. Today, we graduate from Equator College; tomorrow we start a whole new chapter of our lives by our own conduct.



Art quack is influenced by the story of “The Ugly Duckling.” We draw important values from this tale, learning that we must become the change we want to see, and to find the courage to overcome our flaws to become successful, to become the best versions of ourselves.



With this in mind, there are plenty of thoughts and discussions surfacing among my batch mates. ”what am I going to do next?”  “Is this company suitable for me?” “Am I going to be a success in the future?” No one can predict the future, but we can create it. Moving forward is a necessity of life. Even if you find yourself in the worst kind of situation, do not give up. Keep on telling yourself that it is just a minor setback, and have faith that you can see it through. You would not have been here at this ceremony if your lecturers did not think you are prepared to face the obstacles and challenges that life has in store for you.



Indeed, questions will be followed by more questions, and the most important question we could ask ourselves is

“Who am I going to be?”

Are you going to hold yourself to the standards of someone you admire? Or just be your own unique self? If you have decided to be yourself, do not hesitate to explore beyond the boundaries of what you know and do best. Make your own opportunities and find your own ways. Be creative, and you will become a swan one day.


According to the Oxford dictionary, a voyage is defined as a long journey involving travel by sea or in space. These past three years at Equator College has been a voyage for the batch 143 students from Graphic & Multimedia Design, Digital 3D Animation, Interior Design, Architectural Technology, Fashion Design Technology, and Fine Art departments.



College life at Equator College is just like a journey in space, where we are like sailors exploring the wonders of the world, the explored and unexplored. The valuable knowledge that we have discovered is precious to us in our study of design.



An abstract visual idea is used here to reflect on the concept of our Exhibition Showcase “Voyage”-the journey. The free flow of different colors created various and compositions, which represent independent, confident, and talented individuals coming together in shaping the creative society.


Let us now pause to celebrate, whether we have reached our destination or embarked on a new journey.

Message from the President of 143



To begin with, I would like to express how deeply honored I am to be representing the graduating class and gracing the pages of this excellent production. I’m excited to be here, not only to address the distinguished graduates of Equator College’s 143 class but also to extend my most heartfelt congratulations to my peers.



I remember clearly how, three years ago, we walked into these halls as nervous as we were on the first day of school. We were freshmen then, the lowest notch on the totem pole. Now, three years later, we are leaving the school behind to a whole new crop of people. We have come so far and have so much to be proud of, fellow graduates. It is time for us to take up our place in the world.



One of the greatest things about education is self-discovery, and on the verge of graduating, many of us know exactly the step we wish to take next, whether that step is to secure a full-time job or to pursue further study overseas. Others, like me, will tell you we have no idea. In time, we will graduate from these halls equipped with nothing more than an education and a vague idea of the job we would like to get or the business we would like to start. Regardless of what we decide to do after we have received our scrolls, most of us will agree that Equator College has been the perfect place to foster our minds and learn, not only our course materials but also ourselves. Life at Equator is just like a journey in space, where we are the sailors exploring the wonders of the universe, the explored and unexplored. The valuable knowledge that we have discovered is precious to us in our study of art and design.



To everyone who touched our lives: we would like to say thank you. To our parents, who stood by us no matter what: we would not be where we are today without your unconditional love and encouragement. To the lecturers who instilled in us a passion for learning: we are truly grateful for the knowledge you have bestowed upon us. To the administrators who strove to make our college experience as amazing as possible: thank you for your unwavering support. To the advisors who have helped us on our paths: there are no words to express our gratitude for your wisdom and guidance except ‘thank you.’ To friends who were there for pizza parties, study sessions, and everything in between, know that our years at college would not have been quite the same without you.



And to everyone else – all the kind, loving people that we have met and depended upon – thank you for making our time at Equator College memorable.

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H! Light”, as the name of the showcase suggest, derived from the word ‘HIGHLIGHT’, describes an outstanding part or something so important that has been accentuated and emphasized. In similar pronunciation but with added peculiarity, “H! Light” celebrates the excitement of the graduating creative enthusiasts, who came together in August 2013. Here we, the batch 138 graduates, are ready to “H! Light the awareness in Art and Design.


The concept inspired by the notion of fluorescent represented in the form of luminescent that shine and daily news that highlighted in newspaper. Thus, we showcase our design as daily highlights that appears on the news by incorporating a newsletter design for our graduation portfolio.


To most people in our country, Art and Design are seldom seen as a priority. Hence “H! Light” would like to create an impact in bringing awareness towards the importance of design in daily lives. These colors mingle around shades of blue, from cyan graduals down to navy and eventually black. Neither as intense as Red, nor as striking as Yellow, Blue holds the same importance as a primary color, just like Art and
Design do.

Message from the President of 138


A heartfelt congratulation to my fellow graduates of batch 138. Over the years at Equator College, we have not only gained knowledge and skills but also the maturity to solve problems with a great deal of panache. On behalf of the 138 batch students, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all our beloved lecturers for their time, dedication, and guidance throughout these years, which without whom we would not have worked hard and graduated. As lecturers, mentors, advisors you have all provided us the freedom to think analytically and have always been there when we needed you the most. It’s more than what you did for us, it’s what you have molded us into; an individual that is able to succeed, in not only their studies but also in life, as an accountable individual to society. We stand here today proudly to present our graduation showcase.



The great thing about Equatoris that no matter how completely different our courses maybe nonetheless our heart and sincerity through the years have brought us closer and stronger as a group of friends. As the rest of our lives hold more than just moments, it represents a lifetime of college life flashback that is filled with laughter and colors of college life. Thank you all for making this happened.



“’H! Light” is inspired by the notion of fluorescent and can be represented in the form of luminescent that shines to stand out. Our batch 138 stands to shine brightly and deem to be reckoned with through our design. Art and design is an emerging industry that ceases to be reckoned with. Thus we would like to create an impact in bringing awareness towards the importance of design in daily life,
which leads to the idea of “H! Light”.



As graduates from the 21 st century, we will face many uncertainties in both the immediate and distant future. However, uncertainly is an opportunity waiting to be grabbed. Thank you all for all your cooperation in making this an eventful showcase. I believe that the numerous nights spent, burning the midnight oil has been paid off.

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Testimonials 3

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We are individuals who came together in the year 2011 on the month of August (8) and were coded as the 118 intake of Equator Academy of Art. The code concept for our graduation theme is inspired by how they are encoded as a team.



Therefore, we name our Graduation Showcase “eleven eight”



We believe that all things are encoded for a purpose and our purpose here in Equator; is to obtain valuable knowledge, skills, and qualification in art and design. Our role as a designer is like an encoder, transforming into interesting and effective visuals.



In the past three years’ journey, we learned as a team and also specialize as a creative individual. The five colors code on our graduation showcase logo represents the 5 programs which are; Graphic and Multimedia Design, Fashion Design Technology, Digital 3D Animation, Interior Design, and Fine Art. The color tints characterize the variety and flexibility of the respective fields of studies in the area of skills as well as design applications.



We decode “eleven eight” as the essence of 118 which will always live on to bring creative possibilities to people. Now, it’s the time for us to reveal our vibrant talent and specialty to the world of Art and Design and for you to decode “eleven eight”.

Message from the President of 118


First of all, congratulations to all of us from batch 118 for completing our diploma courses!



“Eleven Eight” represent the number sequence give to our batch when we stepped in together in August 2011. Looking back, we were a bunch of youngsters who could not even draw a circle or hold a pencil properly! After three years of dedication and hard work, under the best guidance of all the professional lecturers and staff, we are now equipped full with art and design knowledge, ready to step into the design industry.



I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Equator College, for where we grow, not only in terms of technical skills but also where we become matured, throughout the whole process of being here. We are always given the freedom and opportunity to explore with our own imagination and creativity, which able us to be as flexible and as original in the respective field of studies. As the code is our concept for this graduation exhibition, each of us has our own unique style and way of working in producing designs.



After graduation, we are going to leave the academy and pursue our journey in different fields. No matter where we go after this, do remember to always make full use of what we have learned in a good ways so that people decode “Eleven Eight’ as a team that can bring a positive impact to the art and design world. Keep this positivity burning and push yourself further. Let’s take this quote from Oprah,

” There is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction.”

Best of luck to everyone; wish you guys have a bright future in the design industry and never be afraid of how far your passion can bring you. Keep in touch!

We are Eleven Eight!

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Graduation Showcase Batch 163

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Aurora 163 Graduation Showcase

163 Graduation Showcase

graduation showcase aurora 163 slide


An Aurora is a beautiful phenomenon that captivates the hearts of the audience. This represents the college life for Batch 163 in Equator College as we too view our college life as something as stunningly intriguing as an Aurora.


During the past three years, we as the students of Batch 163 had embarked on a wonderful journey starting from the first time we all met to our combined effort in overcoming hardships and challenges in our coursework together. Words cannot express the amount of blissful joy that we have shared among one another throughout this time.


Thanks to these experiences, we all grew up and matured in our own ways to create the person that we are today. All of us would definitely cherish these precious memories that we have made together in the past three years.


Last but not least, this does not represent our destination. This is only the beginning for us as we prepared ourselves to face the next chapter of our lives in our own separate ways. Never forgetting the unbreakable bonds of friendship that we have forged along the way.

graduation showcase aurora 163 banner

President Speech
President of Batch 163: Glynice Gan

My fellow friends/batch mates, we came here three years ago and now it’s already time for us to leave. Time moved so fast. We need to realize that now we are seniors and ready to graduate and move forward to live in this world as a graduate.


AURORA is the concept given for our showcase. It means a beautiful phenomenon that captivates the hearts of the audience.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Equator College and also our lecturers. Thanks to our lecturers for the patient guidance, encouragement, and advice they have provided throughout our time here as their students. We have been extremely lucky to have lecturers who cared so much about our work, and who responded to our questions and queries so promptly. Yes, we know that it is your job to do it, but what you did for us went beyond the call of duty. You took the time to explain about assignments, projects and etc., sometimes repeatedly. On behalf of the batch 163 students, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all our beloved lecturers for their time, dedication, and guidance throughout these years.


No matter where we go or what we do, there are challenges ahead of us. What I’m asking from each one of you and from myself as well is to meet those challenges with a strong spirit and with an open heart. Well, we may not have the power to inspire the entire world to strive for success, but we do have the power to try to achieve it for ourselves.


Lastly, I would like to congratulate my fellow batchmates. We are finally graduates. Some of us will continue their further studies whereby others will go into the workforce, but each one of us will travel in our own pathway. Wherever we go and whatever we do, may we always be good friends forever.


All the best everyone.

graduation showcase aurora 163 group photo
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Graduation Showcase Batch 168

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168 Graduation Showcase

168 Graduation Showcase

Graduation Showcase 168 Banner


“Batch 168”describes a group of really amazing people from all backgrounds that gathered together awkwardly but unconditionally to crea the remarkable memories of Batch 168.


Batch 168 isn’t just a code or label for a group of students that joined Equator College in August 2016, it is also an invaluable bundle of collective experience that money can’t buy.


This showcase gave us the memories that we shall never forget, 3 years of non-BCE claimable time that we spent with each other. The experience that we believe is more valuable than the entire Beyond Classroom Experience (BCE) program combined altogether.


It’s the “Batch 168” that will accompany us from the very beginning to the end; it’s the “Batch 168” that never gave up on their dreams, worked hard, and stayed up late no matter how long it took to meet just ONE goal – to obtain enough skills and knowledge to make it to this day. Come to think of it, it took 3 years of tedious preparation to prepare for 3 days of exhibition!


From the beginning of August 2016 to the end of August 2019, each of us has evolved into a better person, we conquered all the assessments that we used to fear and we knocked down all obstacles that stood in our way. Even though we’re way more mature than the first day we stepped into this college, we will never forget who we are, or where we came from.


Remember to stay humble. We believe that “ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it”.


I wish you God Speed. May each one of you have fair winds and blue skies in your horizon no matter where you go.


graduation showcase Video result for chew jetty 168 showcase Jetty35 潮人居
graduation showcase message 2

President Speech
President of Batch 168: Eric Ooi


This is the story of a man with a group of people from different backgrounds.

Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself, it feels like it was not so long ago when students of Equator College always went for stationery shopping at Nanyang Book Co.(Pg) Sdn. Bhd, a favorite secret hunt of ours. You will find out about this when you’re officially a member of Equator College Community. I will not forget the yellow spiral staircase we used to climb up and down every day, the teamwork that we put into a classmate’s individual assignments, the vending machine that took away my balance, the set of roti bakar with soft-boiled eggs as breakfast, and crowded library during week seven of the semester.

graduation showcase message

One of my precious memories was a simple morning break, a group of students will gather in a nearby kopi tiam to enjoy the local food and talking with each other instead of fiddling with the smart phones. I remember the classes we used to skip, the lecturer we used to antagonise, and the presentations we tried to end immediately the moment we started. Those bittersweet memories were all real and that’s exactly that made our college life more meaningful and memorable.


It’s truly an honour for me to represent BATCH 168 to show our sincere gratitude to our beloved parents, lecturers, advisers, sponsor partners and supportive friends.



In my mind, Equator College is more than just a college. The college not only offers a good academic education but also lovely and kind lecturers, stall, and members of college management. They are the light that illuminates our future, they are the very hope that makes students believe in themselves.


Last but not least, I would like to congratulate all my course mates in completing the course and wish you every success in pursuing your goals. I guess it is now my turn to ask them

” How is your college life?”


graduation showcase 168 3d animation

Digital 3D Animation

graduation showcase 168 fine art

Fine Art

graduation showcase 168 graphic design

Graphic & Multimedia

graduation showcase 168 interior design

Interior Design

graduation showcase 168 ending note
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Graduation Showcase Batch 173

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Departure 173 Graduation Showcase

173 Graduation Showcase

Departure Batch 173 Graduation Showcase


‘DEPARTURE’ describes the end of a journey and the beginning of a new journey. This is the term that best represents the graduates of Batch 173, a group of designers who have completed the pursuit of their diplomas.



We are 54 students from various disciplines, gathered together in this final showcase not only to put forth a collective effort culminated from three years of dedication but also to display the aspects of joy and satisfaction that strive and struggles could bring.



Departure is also the time where friends go separate ways and follow their own paths in life. Memories of three years, of the amazing times spent together will forever stay in each of our minds. Soon, we will all be fighting different battles, but the bond will still be there, and we will remember the best times we had during our study at Equator.



Be it in the classrooms or over the activities held outside the classrooms. Each and every one of us came together to make these three days a success with the aim to end our college experience, knowing that these three years of trials and tribulations are worth it. Armed with an arsenal of skills, new knowledge, and a range of experiences, we are now ready to face the world and use all that we have learned as the key to our dream careers.



However, success will only reveal itself to those who work hard. So, stand tall, strive for success, and it will one day be in your hand. Last but not least, while climbing the ladder of success, always remember to be grateful to those who helped us along the way.

departure showcase itinerary

President Speech
President of Batch 173: Lee Ca Men

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a privilege to represent my fellow graduates of Batch 173 at this momentous occasion. Indeed, there is no higher honor than to be given this opportunity to deliver a few words on their behalf.


Three years at Equator College has been a roller coaster ride. We’ve stood together through the ups and downs and strived through each semester to bring out our best.


The most vivid memories I have of life in Equator are of the trips we made to different fabric and material shops, joking and having fun as well as sharing opinions with each other while making purchases. I will forever treasure the times where we laughed out loud at some funny jokes in class. just to release some of the unwanted stress that had been forming in the backs of our minds.


To me, a great college experience is not only about education but also about the people we meet along the way. Friends from different backgrounds and disciplines are pan and parcel of our formation years, and I am glad to have known many of you on a deep and personal level. We have bonded through extracurricular activities such as prom and community service, and we have been lucky enough to be given the chance to give back to society.


For the success of today’s event, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee members of DEPARTURE, all of whom had dedicated and put in great amounts of effort to bring this showcase to life, despite having to juggle both personal assignments and organizing this display. From meetings to searching for sponsors and dealing with people from different fields to making this showcase memorable, I truly could not dream of a better team of people to work with.


On behalf of my fellow graduates, I would like to thank, first and foremost, our parents, our lecturers, and everyone at Equator, from the management to the marketing team. Thank you for your effort, patience, care, and dedication to us. We are able to make it this far because you never gave upon us.


Last but not least, I would like to congratulate all graduates on completing their Diploma. I wish each and every one of you boundless success and plenty of happiness in the years ahead.

design showcase speech
Graduation Showcase Architecture
Department of Architectural Technology
Graduation Showcase Interior Design
Department of Interior Design
Graduation Showcase Graphic & Multimedia
Department of Graphic & Multimedia
Graduation Showcase Digital 3d Animation
Department of Digital 3D Animation
Graduation Showcase Fashion Design Technology
Department of Fashion Design
Graduation Showcase Fine Art
Department of Fine Art
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KL Fashion Week Digital 2020

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KL Fashion Week x Digital 2020 (Mentorship)

KLFW Digital Mentorship Equator College

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) Ready To Wear is a whole new horizon for all fashionista and shoppers. The aim of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (kl.fw) is to develop the Malaysian fashion industry, provide emerging young designers and renowned designers a continuous fashion retail platform that gives recognition to Malaysian made fashion and retail items. KLFW brings fashion live into the city of Kuala Lumpur by kicking off with a Ready-To-Wear collection preview showcasing young talented local designers and fashion labels. 



This year due to the COVID19 pandemic, a movement lockdown was imposed and nearly all face-to-face activities were restricted. Nonetheless, the annual KLFW has gone virtual with KLFW Digital 2020. One of the main highlights was the Fashion Mentorship Project 2020 powered by HP. The partnership between HP Malaysia and KLFW opens an opportunity for upcoming fashion students to showcase their creativity and be mentored by a panel of experts in the fashion industry. 



The panels consist of Diana Boo, LAZADA Group Country Chief Marketing Officer; Hafizi Radzi Woo,  Creative Director & Izree Kai Haffiz, Managing Director of FIZIWOO; Veen Dee, Co-Founder of HANYA; Shasha Ahmad, Category Manager of Zalora Malaysia; last but not least Andrew Tan, Founder of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week.



“Conscious Collection” is the theme of the Fashion Mentorship Program where student will test their creativity and challenge the concept of creating great fashion in a sustainable way. Fashion is a fast-moving industry and it depends heavily on natural resources. While fabric and textile processing can be harmful to nature, there are fabrics that leave a lighter footprint. Thus, enters the Conscious Collection.  



Under the many entries submitted in the Program Mentorship Program, 3 of our students made it to the Top 10 Finalist and they are Muhammad Aizril Bin Rahmat, Loh Jing Heng and Tan Li Yu. Under the guidance of the mentors, they prove themselves in their creativity and execution of the design in line with the theme of “Conscious Collection”.

The finalist are in their last year of studies under Diploma in Fashion Design Technology and soon they will be branding themselves further in the fashion industry.

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MyTIGER Values Art Competition 2020

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Loh Jye Jiun | My Tiger Values Winner

MyTIGER Values Art Competition 2020

Global Tiger Day or International Tiger Day has been held on the 29th of July annually since 2010 when it was first created at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit. 



This was due to raise awareness of the decline of wild tiger numbers, leaving them on the brink of extinction and to encourage the celebration around the important work of Tiger conservation. This was due to the response of the shocking news that 97% of all wild tigers had disappeared in the last century, with only around 3,890 left in the wild.



Global Tiger Day aims to bring attention to this fact as tigers are on the brink of extinction and try to halt their decline. Many factors have contributed to their fall in numbers, including development &  urbanization, deforestation, and poaching. 



Many international organizations are committed to this day, including the World Wildlife Fund, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Malaysian Nature Society, TRAFFIC, Wildlife Conservation Society-Malaysia, Wildlife Society of Selangor.



The MyTIGER Values Art Competition is held every year to celebrate tigers as a national treasure in Malaysia as well as to empower artists and designers regardless of age to express their creativity on the existence of these magnificent striped cats. 



Maybank embraces the art competition with their T.I.G.E.R. values in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund is one of Malaysia’s leading organization in spearheading the tiger conservation effort in the country. This year, the 2020 edition of Maybank MyTIGER Values Art Competition The TIGER values (Teamwork, Integrity, Growth, Excellence & Efficiency, Relationship building) highlighted in the competition provided a unique experience for the contestants and jury alike. With the lockdown on movement imposed on the country from March to June due to the COVID19 pandemic, nearly all forms of human activity including art was disrupted.



Nevertheless, in the face of challenge, the endeavor of nurturing young talents among the art students of Malaysia was carried out to completion. Despite the lockdown and the slowdown, the juries were greeted with well over 400 entries from colleges and universities across the nation.

The categories this year consist of Illustration, Sequential Art, Photo Imaging. 


Under the Illustration category, our student Loh Jye Jiun made us proud by sweeping the 2nd place with her artwork entitled “The Secret Behind the Glory”. Her work highlights the importance of teamwork and relation-building in achieving success as introduced in the My T.I.G.E.R. values.



The Tiger is actually formed by many lines when you look deeply. Without every single line, it couldn’t be. This shows that teamwork and relation-building is really important to achieve success. The knitting with hand shows the values of teamwork as knitting work usually needs time and effort together. 



It brings the meaning that much effort, attention, and values need to be implemented and insist on in order to produce a glory image. Obviously, “TIGER VALUES” is the driving force behind success and it was the secret behind glory


Jye Jiun is currently in her senior year of Diploma in Graphic & Multimedia Design. A shy girl ready to take on the world of design.

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Hector Lim, Primordial Creations

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Alumni: Hector Lim, Primordial Creations

Myths, Fantasy, Gods & Demons. These are some of the many genres by notable artist Hector Lim. With a dream of making his own model when he was young, he research a lot of information from the world wide web and various modeling & sculpting books. This is where he began to conceptualize, develop & create his own style of various artworks.


A graduate in Diploma in Graphic Design and majoring in Fine Art, Hector was passionate to enhance his skills and techniques in sculpting. After working with several art companies, he has gained the experience and knowledge to further improve himself and define his style in the field of sculpting. 


Since young, Hector is strongly influenced by Mythical Creatures, Fantasy, Science-Fiction & History, thus giving birth to most of his creations. When he started Primordial Creations, Hector focus on retaining the originals concepts of his work and with the basic techniques to showcase all his final art in the most realistic appearance.


One of Hector’s most notable sculptures is Bael, the demon. Bael is the head of the infernal powers and the first demon listed in Pseudomonarchia daemonum. The Lesser Key of Solomon describes him as a hoarsely-voiced king with the power to make men invisible and ruling over sixty-six legions of demons, His main appearance takes the form of a cat, toad & a man. 


Hector will first conceptualize his idea and design and research on the character before moving into the sculpting process. During the entire process, adjustments were made to make the character look more realistic. With the final sculptor ready and assisted by Loh Choy Yin’s skills in painting, thus bringing the sculpture of Bael to life. 


His sculpting is best present in recasting with resin due to all the details made in each piece, soft vinyl would not be able to pull off the end result he is looking for.


In the 2020 Taipei Toy Festival, his most recent work, Alice in Wonderland – Devil Fairytales “Time Rabbit” won first place for its amazing details and concept. The character was inspired by the art of Po-Wen.


Let us look forward to the new updates on his upcoming characters from his previous project series, 72 Pillars of Solomon.