Equator College, an educational institute for the past 33 years, also offers customised Short Courses for working adults.

Equator offers a wide range of art and design soft skills development courses for working adults who wish to develop or enhance their creative skills. We are acknowledged by the industry as the educational institute to offer such specialised courses.


Make everything easier – SketchUp is useful from the earliest stages of design to the end of construction. Programming,  diagramming, design development, detailing, documentation, RFIs—wherever you need drawings, you need SketchUp Pro.

Course Detail

Day & Time Saturday, 9.00am – 1.00pm
Duration 4 Lessons (4 hours per day / 16 hours / 1 month +- to complete)
Study Mode Part-time
Entry Requirement Basic Computer Knowledge or Industry Experience
Platform Windows, PC
Course Components Practical / Project-based
Awarded Certificate of Completion by Equator College
Intake January, April, July, & October 2019
Class Size 6 – 10 pax

Programme Module

  • Introduction to SketchUp
  • Setting-up your workspace
  • Trying drawing tools
  • Drawing shapes
  • Creating polygons
  • Specifying dimensions
  • Combining tools to create shapes
  • Moving & editing geometry
  • Navigating your workspace
  • Drawing a 3D box
  • Use push/pull for easy 3D shapes
  • Move and edit geometry in 3D
  • Locking interferences for easier modeling
  • Avoiding group clutter
  • Using guides for sloped components
  • Using parallel guides
  • Building a component
  • Adding colour and texture
  • Making unique components
  • The advantages of dynamic components
  • Saving and organizing components
  • Staying organized with Groups and Layers
  • Adding color to your model
  • Adding materials and textures
  • Importing a wallpaper texture
  • Editing materials in groups & components
  • Use an image as a painting
  • Creating a custom material from a photo
  • Change your models looks /Using presets
  • Mastering Styles
  • Remixing styles
  • Saving your new style
  • Import shared styles
  • Mastering sketchups camera
  • Working with perspective
  • Render accurate shadows
  • Adding fog
  • Geo-locating the model
  • Saving a view with scenes
  • Create an animation
  • Preparation for basic drawings
  • Inserting dimensions
  • Exporting drawing to different formats
  • Creating a presentation drawing
  • Layout basics
  • Intermediate Drawing & Editing
  • Drawing curved surfaces
  • Creating a sphere
  • Creating a moulding
  • Building a planter
  • Cutting a curved opening
  • Making a patio

Note: This information in this website is correct at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

Additional Info

Supporting Documents for New Application
  • 1 copy of recent passport sized photographs, with the name written on the reverse.
  • Photostat copy of Identity Card
Fees Fees Paid are Nonrefundable.
Assessment No Postponing of Assessment Date
Payee Name/ Cheque Payable to Equator Academy of Art & Design Sdn. Bhd.
Bank Account Details Malayan Banking Berhad
Account No: 007 068 113 856
Swift Code: MBBE MYKL